Xport Development Kit Software Package


The Xport DK software includes the GCC toolchain, Insight debugger, programming examples, documentation, and the Xport  Logic Library.  Cygwin (see below) must be installed before installing this package.  


Xport Development Kit Software Package (GNU/Linux version)


The Xport DK software for Linux is currently in Beta form.  It includes the GCC toolchain, examples, documentation and the Xport Logic Library. 


Xport eCos


Xport eCos includes the complete eCos source tree, documentation, precompiled examples and runtime libraries. 


Cygwin Package


The Cygwin Package is a simple-to-install distribution of Cygwin.  The version number denotes the cygwin1.dll version.





Xport 2.0 User Guide

Xport 2.0 Custom Configuration Tutorial

Xport Robot Controller User Guide


Application notes

Xport eCos and RedBoot

General Purpose I/O Configuration (62 GPIO signals)

RC Servo Configuration (control 62 RC servos)

RC Servo GPIO Configuration (control 30 RC servos with 32 GPIO signals)